The First Post!


With this blog I’m going to concentrate on what I love, devouring hours of films and boxsets. Sometimes this can be to the detriment of other areas of my life, we all have our vices. I can’t say I’m not scared trying this but I had to give blogging a try!

The title of the blog is a reference to my name and the house in Citizen Caine, I can promise you it has nothing to do with the Olivia Newton-John film of the same name! Xanadu means place of great beauty, luxury and contentment, it seemed fitting when talking about films and great TV.

There is just something about film that just drags me in to the images dancing in front of my eyes time and time again, I’m always searching for that feeling you get when you know you’ve seen something great that stays with you forever, gets you talking and coming back for more. It’s like a drug it can make you feel euphoria or the lowest low. The best cinema can make you question your place in the world.

The cinema to me is a place of reverence, a darkened room with row upon row of seats, the rustle of packaging (only cool before the films starts, of course). The sense of anticipation waiting for the lights to go down further until the projector jumps into life. It’s light throwing 30 foot images that have to be seen to be believed onto the screen. I even enjoy the adverts, I would live there if I could!

I’m partial to a boxset binge, who hasn’t spent a day off doing nothing but watch one show or hardly slept because you just have to watch one more episode?! There’s some great TV shows that let you explore the inner workings of characters, the major and minor changes in them in ways a movie can’t in two hours. My favourite of all time has to be The Wire and still if I find that someone hasn’t seen the show, I make it my mission to at least get them to give it a try, it’s all in the game after all.

So that’s a bit about how the moving image makes me feel and an idea of what this blog will be about. Time to get back to watching some stuff and forget about the world around me, escape is here!

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