Chernobyl Boy And LA Dreamers

LA Dreamers is a short film directed by Dani Fortuny, featuring 5 Japanese girls trying to make their dreams reality in the USA. The city of Los Angeles is as much a character in the film as the 5 dancers, it’s filled with shots of back streets, run down strip malls and aerial shots of shining sky scrapers at night. the way it’s shot reminds me of Drive and to a lesser extent Heat.

This is much more interesting than a promo for dancers, it’s a look at America from the outside, for these girls it’s still a land of opportunity, a place to be themselves and achieve their dreams. They want to live their lives, not watch other people doing it on YouTube. Dancing makes them feel free.

The second film I watched directed by Dani is Chernobyl Boy. This follows a young man from Ukraine, who’s had himself trained in special forces techniques and passed this on to his friends. All his family have been in the military and his father was shot down in Afghanistan.

He’s hardly ever out of combat gear or unarmed, this is hardly surprising considering the current state of the country. There’s not much colour in the images as we see him practicing in the woods and roaming around destroyed and abandoned buildings, on his way to Chernobyl.

Both of these films look at very different people with very different dreams. They feature real people but the films themselves are ethereal, it’s like we’re floating alongside them in a different reality. The director certainly has a knack for finding interesting people and situations to focus on, I can’t wait to see what he does next!