How To Lose Weight In 4 Easy Steps

Before reading this post, scroll down watch the film and get back to me.

OK, so that was an enjoyable 7 minutes right?

I’d have to admit, I clicked play to watch the film thinking there’d be some weight loss tips (pounds could do with being lost) but hopefully like me, you had a pleasant surprise when you started watching!

I’m going to assume that most of us have suffered heartbreak at one time or another (if you haven’t I wouldn’t recommend it!) It affects us all in different ways, for this guy it triggers him to hit the gym and get into shape.

It’s a repetitive set of motions sleep, eat, work, gym punctuated by moments of self loathing and loss as he sees his ex move on, right in front of him! Until he meets the girl at the gym who starts to make him feel better about the world and himself again.

If this was a feature film it would probably be boy loses girl, meets a new girl who understands his pain, corny mope fest. In a condensed form like this, it manages to be fresh, funny and interesting. It really works.

The stories completely narrated, there’s no dialogue heard coming out of the actors mouths throughout the run time. The physicality of the actors performances are great, we really get a sense of how they’re feeling. We can truly relate to moments like these in our own lives.

Choosing just an internal monologue, helps give you the feeling that you’re getting a glimpse of this guys life, a year in 7 minutes, the highs and the lows.

The filmmakers, just in case you were feeling duped, even throw in a few legitimate health tips to take away! I may not have come out of this with a weight loss plan, but I certainly had a smile on my face.